Slight cracle from one channel of Jolida SJ302a

Would anyone know what might cause a slight crackel noise to come from one channel of my Jolida sj302a? It is constant and occurs even with the volume at minumum. This amp was just bought from the Audiogon classifieds so I do not have a history on it.


Two areas, and sometimes both are involved. A bad tube. You can try changing left and right channel tubes. The other possible problem (and "crackle" sounds like this could very well be it) would be a capacitor going bad. That one is a little trickier to trouble shoot, and not being very familiar with that particular amp I wouldn't know where to tell you to start looking. Sometimes, it's a combination of the two, which can make trouble shooting very difficult.
I had a 302a a few years back... It developed a slight, intermittent crackling sound and, a few days later, the fuse blew out. Changed it out, and it played beautifully after that.

I'd check the tubes first, that's most likely the culprit... but, fuses are less than a buck, so if it's not the tubes, you might try replacing the fuse in the back.

Enjoy the amp... it's a fantastic piece of equipment.

I own several Jolida's. When you change the tubes try cleaning the tube sockets with some good contact cleaner. I've had crackling show up on retubing and cleaning the sockets fixed it.
Ah, those crackling Jolidas!!!:^)

I want to say that Rives is probably right on his second guess... I just want to add that it could be a coupling capacitor(s) that don't have a good DC isolation anymore.

Most-likely it's possible to replace all coupling capacitors with better more reliable versions and better sounding that you should inquire for more.
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Viridian, That is genius!
This has been a very big help to me. Thanks for all your input. And I have turned off the stove so the bacon has quieted down.

If its not to late. I had the same problem. I would look at the source selector. When the system is on but turned down. Move the Source selector just a bit in both directions and if it make the noise come and go then it is probably the problem. I had Jolida send me a new selector and then used some solder and my solder gun and replaced it. It was about 1hr work and it took care of the problem. If you do not want to do it your self call Mike at Jolida and see what they will charge you to do it. Hope this helps.