These are the best Solid State Amps

Hi, these are the best Solid State Amps i'v heard. BAT VK 500, Mcintosh MC 352, Alchemist Statement, Meridian 557 Amps bridged, Levinson 335, Classe S1000, Roland 7s, GOLDMUND Mimesis 9
Doug, I am curious, because I have Classe 401 and I often wonder if I would be happier with a Levinson 335.
Pre is Lev. 380S and B&W802N on the other end. I spoke to a dealer who carries both amps and he seemed to think B&W was better in midrange with Classe. Any opinion?
Threshold SA/1's (Mono-Blocks). Nelson Pass's masterpiece while at Threshold in his prime of designing.
Snooker, if you have a local ML dealer, why not take one home and try it? Other than the hospital bills to repair your strained back and the cuts you will get from the heatsinks, it is cheap entertainment.
I know for a fact that the 335 is better than all the listed amps. good luck I have one and love it
Bruce 1483: a local ML dealer would be great, but not here in central Vermont.
Hey Snooker14:

What do you feel you're missing with the Classe 401?
That's a great amp! 334-336 are good as well but you may find a tad too polite for your liking. Classe 01 series were (are) great all around performers.

I see you mentioned the BAT VK-500. Have you heard the VK-200 and how do you think it compares? Would it be on the list? Anyone else have any comments?
To be honest (gulp)... I don't have any idea what I may be missing. I got bit by this audiophile bug a while back and ever since then the grass has always seemed greener on the other side. Six months ago I got a good trade-up deal from a 200 to the 401 and within a week I was wondering if a Levinson would be better. Do you guys want me to go away and seek professional help now? Once I start upgrading, I can't seem to stop!
Hello Snooker. I've played with just a huge variety of amps in my time, on a huge variety of speaker as well! (I've worked in 4 high end audio stores...and one Good Guys)
My experience with the newer Classe amps is that, overall, they are great amps for the money no doubt. However, looking at some of the other amps that have been mentioned here, what I think you'll find is that, in comparison to some of the better choices, you'll find your Classe to sound a bit euphonic sounding w/less immage specificity and tightness, not as detailed and extended in the high's, and with less bass control, soundstage trasparency and detail.
I think, for the most part (but system matching and room environment have a huge part to play here) mating the amp to your sytem will only be decided properly by you "tooning your Farrari" so too speak, and trying some of these better amps for yourself! Best of luck...I think you'll have to try and play a bit.
I have auditioned the classe, Mcintosh, krell, bryston, roland, plinus, AR, Meridian and a few others; no I haven't had the opportunity to hear lev.. But after auditioning the Bat vk200 I had to have it, so I bought it.
ayre v1x and jeff s new generations amps are very very good under 10000 dollars my choice is ayrev
Doug, could you edify us with your list of best American front-wheel drive cars from the 80's as a point of reference?
heard all of them and I keep on going back to the Naims! its all music!