Thee Threshold or Cosmoaudiolgy or an Altar Call.

Today was spent grappling with USB connections and streamer apps which had my mind tumbling into many internet rabbit holes. Some success but can no longer determine the level of audio quality provided by the display of bitrates. Sounds better, but I pondered if a device could be fitted with an integral  display that would provide the final digital output. Sort of an aftermarket gauge similar to what I put on the dashboard of my 66 Caprice.
Which led to further pondering where exactly does the final transformation occur? Is it just a series of mechanical/electrical/magnetic conversions with no determined high tide mark? Logic would dictate there is final step, an exact place where the switch leaves an intact fingerprint? I get the analog/digital divide, but both take a source, then convert, transform, interpret---then send it to a box to have it converted, transformed, interpreted all over again. Not interested yet in those tongues of fire but the moment of salvation. (Presently reading a book on Theology... obviously influencing my analogies.) Joe