THE05: StTropez 1509: comments

THE05: StTropez 1509 I had the pleasure of listening to a system at The SHOW
2 weeks ago in Las Vegas that included the Ultimate Monitor
speakers with Empress ICs and speaker cables.
The electronics were powered via Wolff Power Cords. The sound
in this room was amazing. The speakers melted away and
you were left with one of the most musical experiences
at THE SHOW or CES 2005. This includes some systems that
cost more than the median home price in some parts of the
country. With vocals and small groups the experience was
almost visual. On the spacious soundstage you could easily
place the instruments and singers. After repeated visits
to room 1509 I was moved to purchase several Empress ICs,
a source power cord, and some speaker cables so that I
could rewire my 5.1 system. If I were not so in love with
my Martin Logan speakers I would have also seriously
considered the Ultimate Monitor speakers.
I don't mean to rain on your parade, however, I would be interested to know how you know that it was the cables that made all the difference?
Gosh, I don't see anything thing in the orginal post that implies that the cables were what made a difference between anything. I simply see that the gentleman appreciated the sound and purchased some cables.