THE05: StTropez 1403: comments

THE05: StTropez 1403
Devore Fidelity, Exemplar Audio, Shindo Labs This was one of the best rooms I heard. The speakers were exceptional and the only weakness I heard was a bit too much low bass, which I believe was room induced because almost all the rooms had low bass issues. I was very impressed with the sound of these speakers.
The room was memorable to me also. The speakers excelled at the frequency extremes, allowing them to play a drumkit very well. I was glad to hear this, as many audiopphile products seem afraid to go too far into the lows and his for fear of becoming boomy or bright. I didn't think the mids were as special, though. I also thought the bass was a bit stronger than it should have been, but the speakers were very close to the wall, and from what I remember, off to one side. Especially impresive for such a small speaker. Very nice selection of wood, too.
Those Gibbon Super 8 speakers were my hands down favorites at both The Show and CES Alexis Park...