Comments on "Spider EMC-1"

A comment on a personal experience with the installation of the spider for EMC-1.
I don´t know if the spider is already available everywhere. Here in Spain, it is, but I want to give you one advice for all the interested in this accessory.
According with the technical service of the Spanish distributor, there are two spider models: One for the olders EMC-1 (not UP), which can be recognised for its six "legs" and other for the newest EMC-1 models which has eight "legs" (like an spider !!!!).
If you order the six legs spider and you have one of the EMC-1 newest models, the spider won´t work due to the attraction between the spider magnet and the slide cover of the CD player.

If you enter in the EC website and go to the related article on the spider, you will see that there are these two types of spiders: eight and six legs.

OK! I am very, very happy with all EC products, but sometimes I think they are trying to get us crazy!
Shouldn't the 6-legged spider properly be called an insect?
v018998: That's good info. Nothing more frustrating than ordering a new toy and having something that won't work or is not quite what you expected show up. Between the wait and the disappointment, the thrill is somewhat gone even when the "right one" shows up. Maybe your post will save some folks that misery.

Rc: I'm sure that there are 6 legged spiders. They are probably old biker-spiders that had to lay down their scooters a few times in order to avoid a head-on collision. Like the old biker shirt says and those 6 legged spiders will tell ya, "You ain't shit if you don't limp" : ) Sean