The Weavers Reunion at Carnegie Hall -1963 new LP

I bought a reissue LP last week only to find out that my old CD (issued by Vanguard in 1987) sounds much better than this reissue LP (2012 by Analogue Production).
Any reason why?
Several reasons
1) Master tape has deteriated
2) Did not use master tape for remaster
3) Crappy job of remastering
Well, it could be that you're playing CD's on a $20K reference level digital front end while playing LP's on a dusty, plastic Garrard record changer from 1963 that you snagged for $20 in a garage sale.

Or it could be something else...
I have the original LP and the CD and the LP sounds better on my system; have not heard the reissue LP.
I suggest double checking your analog front end.

But perhaps you can tell us about your digital and analog playback systems.
First pressings always sound better. Reissues often times suck.
Unfortunately the reissue does not suck in this case. It would seem that the OP was trolling as he hasn't returned some 10 days later back to answer any or all of the questions posed to him.