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I just picked the CD "Moonsung" up on the RealWorld Album from Sheila Chandra....I bought it on a whim, looking for something new. I slipped it in the CD player and was stunned and amazed. This woman is unbelievable! The entire disk is little more than her sole voice and a drone. Some of the starkest, naked music I've ever heard. And some of the most beautiful. The way she carries the rhythm inside her voice is incredible and the nimbleness and dexterity of her articulation on Track number 5. In fact, YOU MUST GO OUT AND BUY THIS CD AT ONCE! Then put on Track number 5 and dim the lights. You'll pee in your pants! Someone tell me more about this woman and her other albums. Is she married? If not, I must contact her at once!
issabre's been awhile-- looks like this is one I'll have to look up. Craig
Ralph at Atmasphere has been a fan of her for years, even playing her music from LP as demo at CES.
I do not have Moonsung, I will make a point of looking for it. Thanks for making me think of her again.
if you want to hear her and other incredible musicians that typically don't receive commercial air play go to CKUA Radio Network in Canada on the internet are non profit and are on air currently 0600MST until 0100MST.
try her "ZEN KISS" cd 1994. off topic but indian, kinda, try ry cooder/v.m. bhatt A MEETING BY THE RIVER and in particular Ganges Delta Blues @ 9:57 of excellence, on Water Lily Acoustics WLA-CS-29-CD...guitar, mohan vina (indian slide guitar), table & dumbek
last post should have tabla not table, duh
Thanks guys, I'll be interested in hearing what you think Craig and Albert, I was truly blown away. She sounded great on my Vandys Craig. I wrote that email in a tizzy. That was the Real World LABLE (Peter Gabriel's outfit) sorry for the error. Best, Todd
That wet stuff in your pants isn't "pee" Issabre - otherwise I agree.
Monsoon and Sheila's subsequent efforts were the conception of the producer/write/instrumentalist Steve Coe. Monsoon launched the Indipop fad in Britian of the mid to late 80's. I believe that Monsoon is their best effort. The later solo albums on The Indipop label in the 80's are good but lack the entrancement of Monsoon.

For discography and reviews try

If you can find the original vinyl (Mobil 1) it is better than the first CD remaster of the original Monsoon vinyl which was pretty harsh (1985). The second CD version (1995)which includes some of the songs sung in Hindi is better. A rarity that has even better sound is a 45 rpm dance remix of Tomorrow Never Knows on Mobile Suit which was for years my wife's standard belly dance encore.
The Real World 1999 CD reissue of Moonsung was a bit of a disappointment to me. Not because of the music mind you but the recording was poor enough to be distracting. Sibilents were too pronounced and edgy. The overall sound is mechanical and has the breaking glass sound of so many Indian issue CD's when she sings loud upper midrange notes. On a rock or similar CD this poor recording/production could be overlooked but on a work that is supposed to be ethereal and intimate it certainly puts me off my meal. I'll be looking for a better, preferably vinly, alternative. Maybe one of the other CD releases is better?