The "D" word...Has audio ever caused it?

This is dangerous...very, very, dangerous. Like testing your wallsocket for power with an old Monster interconnect. My question, and I do not know if I want to even find out the answer as to what happens to all my gear after the THIS AUDIO HOBBY EVER CAUSED A your experience...and if not who has the most conniving method of avoiding either (or both) the divorce or having to liquidate one's equipment. Women welcome too. NO EMAILS!
And NO, this is not intended to examine anyone's personal history or OTHER UNDERLYING PROBLEMS...we all have them in various forms.
Calculate the blue book market values of all your equipment. Those are 'community' assets, along with everything else of course. You get half & she gets half of the total assets. If you want to keep the gear vs. liquidating, then you're gonna have to give up something else to compensate for that. It still comes out 50-50 when all is said & done. Best of luck...
It's not the divorce that hurts, it's those damn alimony checks that are the real killers. The better question to my mind is: how can one make payments and at the same time continue to build a decent system? Many recently divorced have said learning to budget right after their divorce is one of the hardest parts.
No i'm single but infidelity with a girlfriend cost me a total system back in the 80s.
a few years ago, an apparent audiophile in the denver area ended up both divorced and imprisoned, based at least in part on his compulsive purchases of audio gear (and cars, rare wines, etc.). seems this fellow, an auditor for a hotel chain, embezzled millions of $$ over the years, which he used to buy an incredible array of goodies. he had so much audio and video stuff that most was in storage. his (former) wife and the audio dealers who naturally adored him believed his claims to be a trust funder whose "job" was merely something with which to keep busy. for him, i'm sure, compulsory restitution is much more hurtful than alimony. -kelly
Was not the cause but when I left I departed with only my clothes and my gear and I shudder to think of the system I could have amassed if I had stayed and hadn't payed the support I have over the last 8 years... Nah it was worth it
What about that poor guy that posted a while back and said his ex took his vinyl collection as part of the de vorce, not because she wanted it, but because he loved it. He said she threw all the records in a dumpster. I suppose it doesn't matter what she did with them, either way he lost them, but how's that for harsh!
Stereokarter, my hobby has not yet caused a divorce from my wife: we both work, have separate bank accounts, pay 50/50 on communal things, but she uses her personal funds for high-end fashion (she just came back from Paris with Yoshi Yamamota outfits that put her back as much as a Koetsu cartridge) and I use my funds for, well, my "hobby." She lives in a world where all hifi components still cost about $500 and I let her believe that. However, I do sneak cables into the house when she is at work and I did evade the question "How much does this cost?" when she saw the Simon Yorke turntable in my room for the first time with the words: "It is priceless, like all geniune art." (I know, stupid retort, but it worked). However, I have to say this: all of the girfriends that came before my current wife without exception have all strangely "claimed" (took without returning) one piece of my system upon the break-up of our "relationship." One girlfriend took a Nakamichi cassette player (not a big loss) but another took a pair of Jadis JA80s (I was briefly engaged to this girlfriend, as well as the Jadis's as it turns out). The break-up with this particular woman was so painful and dramatic, and she was so fiercely against me getting my amps back (something to do with "retribution" for the "suffering" I had caused her), that I just gave up trying to retrieve them. Years later, a mutual friend told me that she donated my Jadis's to the Salvation Army!
There,s only one word for a woman who would take the record collection and toss it or a pair of Ja80,s ?????.When I left my ex I just took my system and left, she hated the money I spent on audio but thought nothing of a new wardrobe every six months. Ask a woman what consideration is, her answer well be self serving.
audiotomb...#16 tells me that it's safer to have your business buy your system...then "she" cannot touch it!