The Orphan Brigade - Songwriting in an Octagon Hall

What happens when Nashville songwriters decide to spend a few nights in a Civil War historic site? They write and record an album of songs. The event was filmed and is available on Youtube.


"The Orphan Brigade was a Kentucky unit of the Confederacy that was forced to go to Tennessee to volunteer because of the states neutrality. Later in the war, the unit would partake in bloody battles at Shiloh, Tenn., Baton Rouge, La., Vicksburg, Miss., and Atlanta. They would not return to their native soil until the wars end."

There is an excellent album of songs by the same title. The group has since gone on to release three more albums. Here are a few videos of this album:

We Were Marching on Christmas Day

The Orphan Brigade // Paddy's Lamentation [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Pale Horse

Here is a review of the album:

One of the songwriters, Ben Glover, has recorded several notable solo albums. Here is a video from his latest: Shorebound.

Ben Glover - Kindness


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Thanks for your comment. The list of Nashville Songwriters who contributed to this effort is impressive. None other than Gretchen Peters narrated the film. Gretchen has co-written with Ben Glover, a songwriter from Ireland whose solo effort I make note of at the bottom of the post.

Peters is an award winning songwriter many times over.  Here is one of her songs.
Gretchen Peters "On A Bus To St. Cloud"