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christmas music
Always my favorite in this category is Nancy LaMott   Nancy LaMott - Just In Time For Christmas  
Eva Cassidy - Feb 2023 - New Album
Songbird (orchestral) - Eva Cassidy with the London Symphony Orchestra The CD is listed on Ama*on as being available in March 2023 and the Vinyl available in April 2023  
Beautiful choral singing
Requiem · Conspirare · Craig Hella Johnson · Eliza Gilkyson I had the opportunity to ask Eliza about this recording and how it happened to be arranged by Craig. She responded that he was a fan of her music and found the piece himself. It was a wo... 
Classical piano solo—Your one favorite performance and recording
There are so many quality box sets which contain performances that deserve to be mentioned here. Many others have touched on these so I'll mention a different source that always has my attention - The Cliburn competition. Cliburn 2017 Bronze meda... 
Most underrated female recording artists..
Diana Panton - Blue - entire album This was just posted - well worth your time if you are a fan of "soft" jazz vocals.  
Eva Cassidy - Feb 2023 - New Album
That looks like it is the case.  You may know that "singles" have been released for prior albums and they generally appeared in the UK market - many still available on E**Y. One of these singles that I can recommend as worth a listen and/or purch... 
Most underrated female recording artists..
One more for the list... Diana Panton's "Blue" Will Have You Feel Anything But == From the review above "Have you ever had one of those moments where you were just settling into you chair, just about all set to start listening to music. You’ve ... 
Roland Hanna - Jazz Pianist
@alexatpos Have just ordered your recommendations. Many thanks.   @charles1dad Thanks for the introduction to Pepper Adams. BTW - one of my friends near the end of his life was Tommy McCook - the tenor titan (ska) - unfortunately I never got... 
Disappearing Jazz?
Great contributions from all.   Many thanks  
Disappearing Jazz?
@fuzztone Why collect? At this point it is a matter of equipment - my best reproduction is on Vinyl or CD.  Streaming is still in my future budget.  Very possible but I am reluctant to introduce another variable which doesn't have the same level o... 
Disappearing Jazz?
Discogs - Claude Bolling Discogs Ruby Braff Discogs Sarah Vaughan DIscogs Art Tatum Discogs Dick Hyman @larsman @carlsbad @bigtwin    Thanks for the recent adds to this discussion.  I've taken away something from each comment. Even with th... 
Disappearing Jazz?
@spenav @tomcy6    Many thanks for your thoughts.  I'll followup on both suggestions.  That said, I'm still very concerned that the majority of the catalogs of the great jazz artists (some of who I mentioned) will be forgotten because they have... 
Disappearing Jazz?
@fuzztone - Thanks - new names for me to listen for !    
New Albums from Courtney Marie Andrews and Coles Whalen
@stuartk  Here’s a new video (posted just two weeks ago) of one of the recent tours CMAndrews made... Obviously a lady on the way up in the music world. Thanks for your comment. John Prine and Courtney Marie Andrews - You Got Gold  
Danny Gatton
Boy Wells Blue Skies Calling   from Wiki...   Blue Skies Calling (2011), an album by Boy Wells, includes nearly an hour of Gatton and Wells playing in his living room. "Danny called me before he died and asked me to put a vocal tape together f...