The New Steve Hoffman Remasters Have Arrived

After weeks of delayed release dates, I finally received the new remasters from Audio Fidelity(formerly DCC), with Faces "A Nod Is As Good As A Wink", and the Doobies' "Minute By Minute". If you like Steve Hoffman's remastering work, you will love these. They are very clean-sounding, and have excellent low-level detail. Something tells me the Faces weren't concerned about conducting "Tommy LiPuma-like", meticulous, recording sessions back in the day.
One thing I did notice, on most recent remasters, I hear a little added "pop" of loudness and clarity - when compared to the original. These have the clarity, but not the added volume. This is certainly neither good or bad, just something I was able to notice.
I would be very interested in others' opinions on these recordings. "Bad Company" is next....
Where can you buy these? Is there a website that lists all these new Audio Fidelity releases?
They are available at Music Direct ( and Red Trumpet. Audio Fidelity also has their own website, where all their current and upcoming product is shown (
They used to have a nice interactive forum, where you could suggest titles to CEO Marshall Bromstein. He would respond to every inquiry.

I have the highest respect for Steve Hoffman's abilities. Always thought the DCCs sounded better than the MFSLs. For some reason that I never understood the MFSLs seemed to garner more respect. I've read that Audio Fidelity may have a Rickie Lee Jones release coming. I'll definitely purchase that one. BTW: The old DCC site had an interactive with Steve Hoffman. That site had some very interesting questions and answers about original tapes and remastering of some truly classic recordings.