The Mix Your Most Proud Of?

With the advent of MP3 and downloadable music it's easier than ever to put your own musical compilations together. What are some of the CD mixes you've created that are unique and bring a smile to your face?

One of my own particular favorites is a Beck & Morphine combo I made last year. All the Beck tunes are from Sea Change. Surprisingly, the selected tunes and order combine to create a magical blend of music.
I've been making "Roadtrip" CDs for my car for many years. I use Adobe Audition to custom blend and remix stuff. For example, "He Don't Love You" by Ricky Fante (a great rocking gospel-feel Motown type tune) has the "Throw the third switch!" snippet from Young Frankenstein blended into the tail end. This is followed by No Doubt's "It's My Life" which has an electrical buzzy intro sound. The segue makes a perfect transition.

I get a lot of transition material from the TV and movie snippets you can find online. It really adds a lot of fun to the music.