Any proud Dialogue Two owners in Boston/Cambridge?

I'm thinking seriously about buying a Dialogue Two based on the rave reviews and my longtime desire to go from ss to tubes. However after several bad experiences, I'm also trying to learn the lesson about buying audio equipment based on reviews alone. Are there any proud owners in the Boston/Cambridge area who like showing off their gear? I'd really appreciate the opportunity to hear this amp.

From any owner, what is your opinion of the noise/feedback level of this amp? I presently own a Sim 5.3 integrated, and one thing I appreciate very much about it is the near-total absence of noise. I find that I'm particularly sensitive to that in an amplifier.

Thanks. ~rfprice
I'm not a Dialogue Two owner. That said, I am a PL One, Three, and Five owner. Using 92db speakers these units are dead quiet (NO sound whatsoever) with the ear no more than an inch from the speaker's tweeter and mid-range. I doubt that the Dialogue would be any different.

FWIW in case no Dialogue owners check in.

Buying equipment unheard is always a risk, if for no other reason than you might not find its sound combined with your system is your cup of tea. I do a lot of reading of owners comments and try to take away from them consensus, and usually focus on writers whose tastes and observations mirror what is important to me. Professional reviews are OK but........

BTW, the distributor back up on these products is outstanding if you ever need help. I have had my three units well over two years without a problem that I didn't cause. And when they went for minor repairs they were in and out in one day! W/out charge for my stupidity.

Hope that helps a bit.