The Best Surround "Ceiling" speaker out there?

I'm moving into a new house and I'm going to be missing a left wall for my left rear surround. That part of the room opens to the kitchen area. I've been wondering if putting both surrounds on the ceiling would do the trick for me...

can anyone advise?
Try and give us a call for pricing info if interested.
I am researching this same subject right now myself. I have not heard them but they have been reviewed as one of the best available in-wall's: If anyone has use these, please post reviews.
The Thiel's are fantastic sounding but are surface mount which may rule them out if you really want them recessed.
Triad makes the best sounding inwall-inceiling stuff I've heard.
Sonance makes ceiling speakers. You might want to have a listen if there's a dealer near you. Heard them once in a small closed room (HT set-up)for a short period and they sounded awesome IMHO
Thanks for the input folks!
I would agree with johnj...the thiel powerpoints would be the best choice if you can surface mount.
Best ceiling surface mount (14') for L/R Surround speakers directly above listening area? Must be compatible with B&W 802's (for L/R)and B&W Center.
I have some Mirage in-ceiling speakers that extend out of the ceiling to give the omni-directional sound dispertion, which I love in surround mode. If you want a more direct speaker, maybe the Gallo A'divas or Micros. They both mount in the ceiling, but protrude...not sure if that workd for your needs.

trust me on this one
thiel powerpoints
the only ceiling speaker that sounded like music to me'

if it is a video based system get a cheaper pair