The best sub $1000 cd player

I am building my new system. I already bought Audio Research LS2, Audio Research Cl 60 and use them to power a pair of PSB 600i. Right now, I am using the Sherwood 980 as my CD player. I am interested in your opinion regaridng the best sub $1000 cd player to go with my system.

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You may already have it or very close to it. The 980 has dual 20 bit Burr Brown DAC's and was rated as better than the Rotel 971?. However from what I've seen the Rega Planet consistantly is the winner of the sub $1k cdp's on this site.
BTW I too have the Sherwood Newcastle cd-980 and would be interested in your findings if you have a chance to a/b the 980 against a sub $1k player.
Hi Jack,
There are some earlier thread on sub-1k CD players; search for them in the forums. Personally I found the Adcom GCD-750 (about $700-used) to be a great bargain...
Happy Listening!
There are a number of cd players in this area; used and new.I auditioned a number of Cd players, all new (but broken-in), Creek 43, Rega Planet, Sony 20es, Arcam 9,... No question about it, if you are talking one box Cd players under a grand, the one least talked about, but most enjoyed is the Audio Refinement Cd Complete. The best soundstaging of all the above, depth especially, as well as height. Musical, to the point of palpability, yet with all the detail one needs to create the huge sonic soundscape I desire. Not quite as dynamic as the Rega, not as "bleached" or sterile as the Creek (or Adcom), best staging, most palpable or "meaty" of the above. Reminds me of a slightly less detailed Cary 303, with a slightly larger stage. I think it would mate real well with your AR gear!
Musical Fidelity A3CD is a great choice,also a used Anthem CD 1 tube output player is a good choice.
I use an Anthem CD-1 which I bought used for well under $1,000 in my office system, absolutely LOVE how it sounds! It's a six disc changer, which I kind of like. If you can, I would suggest you listen to one.
Go to the used market and get youself a used Micromega and the matching DAC(with the old chip).... Very musical sound! Nearly all the modern day digital equipments are crap! They sound too agressive and edgy.
Stan Warren modified Pioneer DVD 24/96 player. It is way under $1000, yet it is way up there sonically with the $3000+ "audiophile" players. (I know of many audiophiles that have $30k+ systems, that are using this particular unit in their front end! Obviously, these guys could afford a seriously expensive player, yet they are happy with the sound of Stan's modified unit).
I have a Stan Pioneer DV333. It does best most/all sub $1K players. It slightly bested my Rotel RCD990 ($1.5K list). I just picked up a Stan MSB Link DAC and Aiwa Changer combo from a friend of Stan's in Oregon. Assuming they demo out similar, the DV333 will probably go to the den system, so I can also play movies on the Sony TV in there.
Currently, I find myself choosing the Rega Planet over the Adcom GCD-750, which I chose over the Rotel 971. Of course interconnect makes a difference also. I'm currently using the Audioquest Turquoise with the Rega Planet.
I saw some Theta DSP Gen III used for sale. Will this DSP significantly improve my Sherwood 980?