The best speaker you ever heard?

In my opinion, the speaker is by far the most important part of the audio system. After all, it is the only part you hear. OK, the other stuff really matters a lot, but without a great speaker... No go.

I am a bit 'speaker-obsessed' I guess, and now I am wondering: What are the best speakers you have ever heard, and what made them the best?

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piega p10s...have owned ref vr5s hse.merlin vsm,heard dunlavy Vs,quad 989s, vansderstein 5s,revel salons,b&w 801s,wilson watt puppys,ceramique 1s,eggleston andras,ariels and others twice as expensive and all fall far short of the p10s.
tidal contriva guess is that the more expensive 'sunrays' and t1 sunrays' would be better in the right room but in my room the contrivas'rock...
Tidal speakers in general...the most true to the music speakers i have ever heard.The reason i bought the Contrive Diacera-SE speakers after a long 3 year search...
Tidal 'Arira' ..just amazing