The best place to start to reduce background fizz?

My Question is what are the best methods to reduce the background fizz and crackle on Albums. 99% are brand new Vinyl and sound excellent just when it goes thru silent passages it seems to enhance a bit. So is there a Liquid product to treat the vinyl, better stylus, or phono-preamp to help in this? I am not very experianced in Vinyl so I am sorry if this is not a valid situation to fix. Also, I use an Anti-static brush from audioquest before use which seems to pull all visible dust and contaminents. Thanks
Wet cleaning a record with the proper tools can make a world of difference in terms of surface noise and "blackness" of background.

Some cartridges and stylus shapes are more susceptible to groove / surface noise. Changing cartridges or making sure the cartridge that you have is properly set-up might help things out quite a bit.

I'm not speaking from experience here, but i think that you'll get some proponents of "gruv-glide" on this one. Sean

matrix: sean, as usual, gives good advice. i'd go farther, tho, and say that surface noise is directly correlated with the quality of ALL components in a vinyl playback system. that is: high quality tt's are quieter than lower quality varieties, the same going for arms, cartridges phono stages and wires. and, of course, the better the pressing, the more you'll appreciate the magic of the lp.