Test multi-channel SACD disc

I have a XA777ES and wounder if there is a SACD test disc to be alble to set the different speaker levels. Or is there another way to set them other than by ear with music playing? I have a RS sound meter and DVD set up disc and my EAD processor has a build in microphone and signal but that doesn't do any good for the SACD stuff.

Thanks Mark
Get the Sony/DMP SACD sampler/test disc (or the Telarc 1812 which also has, I believe, test signals).
The Sony XA-777es has it's own test signal, all you have to do is start it from it's menu.

Yes but I have always preferred a separate disc for convenience as well as the knowledge that the signals are treated the same as the music.
Disc vs DVD player vs SS processor. On my rig all the test tones give the same results, as they should.