Teres update

OK. Heres where I'm at now:

Chris is sending the motor, bearing and platter today.

I have the arm.

I have the wood.

I bought batteries for my digital camera.

I set up a page to post pics.

I got rid of the family members whom I thought would never leave after Turkey day.

Monday is the target start day. First up is a model built out of 2x4s. I'll post the link to the picture page when I get the first ones up. I am going to try and document the process in detail.

Let the games begin!


P.S. Tom & Doug: Get ready for lots of questions!
Go for it, Joe!
Should be interesting!
Dear Jphii, I would like to help and maybe pick up a few tips from the rest of the members. I built my Teres turntable from my own design [ a take off of the Clearaudio Master Reference] and used a Teres platter, bearing and motor. I built the turntable into a restored 1920's RCA Victrola cabinet that I restored as well. The base is three layers , granite, acrylic and another layer of acrylic all built by local manufacturers in Buffalo. I use a Clearaudio TQ-1 tonearm and Sigma cartridge. I designed and built each part I could and tried all different materials. If you would like help let me know and if you would not mind I would like to post some photos to show as an example. I think many of the members will help both of us tweak these turntable to a level neither of us could do alone. Good Luck, it is well worth the effort. Dredster

Sounds great. I am always willing to listen (don't tell my wife I said that, she wouldn't believe it for a minute!) to the advice of others who are in the know. I like the cabinet idea, and really like the base you described. can you email some pics? I have a TV cabinet from the 40's that I inherited, and had given some thought to using it as a combination stand/cabinet. It weighs a ton, and would hold everything. The only problem with it is it won't fit where I need it to go.

So, with that said, any and all who have ideas give me an email. Pics too. My site is jphii.com, and should be up sometime next week. I should have enough bandwith to showcase not only my own, but also others projects.

This could be some fun!
Dear Jphii, Lets do it then. I think the cabinet you have will be perfect. I had some of the same problems that you describe. Fitting the turntable into the cabinet was very difficult for me because my wife did not want it cut up in any way. The cabinet was a mess when I started. I belonged to her grandfather and he used it to store paint cans . Now it has inlayed wood and brass and is a centerpiece in our family room. I had to do the restoration myself and it took two attempts to get it right. I would start with the cabinet, gut the electronics and make the top open up on a hinge. The front where the glass picture tube was coulde be done up nicely with stained glass and brass. You will find some very good woodworkers at a store called Rockler Woodworkers. They have all the cabinet things you need. For acrylic work look under Great Lakes Plasics. I spent 2 years on this project and now have a one of a kind family heirloom that even my wife loves. Later, Dredster

Glad to hear you're making progress! In your spare time :) you might check out www.theanalogdepot.com. It's the home page of a guy who built an acrylic Teres in 2002. Lots of details and photos.

If I use the cabinet, it will have the table sitting on top, electronics inside. The inside was gutted years ago, they used it for a liquor cabinet.

BTW, Rockler is about the worst place to but from. If you ever need wood or hardware, email me and I'll get you headed in the right direction.


I found that site about 3 weeks ago. He most definitely has some interesting things there. I think he can even make setup "easy" to understand!
I got the platter and motor stuff yesterday. I was totally unprepared for the quality of the pieces. I mean, I figured they would be of the best quality do to the way Teres owners rave about them, but HOLY S%&*$# Batman, NICE!!

The project has started, and I should have some pics up by the weekend.

All I need now is a cartridge. Still trying to decide if I shoild just spend the bucks or not for a Shelter. I mean, this all started as a way to get back to vinyl for under $2000, but at this point, there is NO POINT to getting the cheaps. Audiocubes has the Denon 103r for $241 shipped, but I can get a 901 for $1100. I know, I know, that IS a substantial difference.I figure I've got a week or 2 to make a decision.

I know the consensus opinion is go for the Shelter. One question: Koetsu Black?

I'll keep ya posted!

I am extremely envious of your current position, but my turn will come. :)
The Shelter 901 is one of the best cartridges made today. It would be an excellent choice.

The Denon DL103R is the best value low-output MC cartridge that I know of. It is only a shade behind the Shelter 501 and only costs 30% of what the Shelter 501 costs. I really liked that cartridge on my rig, and I would have no trouble going back to it, even now. Really good for the money.

The Koestsu Black is a nice cartridge, but it costs more than a 901 and doesn't perform in that league,IMO.

Thanks for the tip. I am going to order the 103 now, and worry about the 501/901 after my next project (I'll keep it quiet 'till this one is finished).

The only reason the Koetsu came into play is ebay! I gotta stop screwing around there and stick with the program.

Glad you're okay with the Teres bits. :)

If you can get a Shelter 901 for $1100 from a safe source, I'd jump on it. Tell the wife she can have the house and the silver. You get the stereo and the records. ;)

I haven't heard a Koetsu Black, but nobody has ever put it above a 901 in any area except the midrange. The 901 can be a tiny bit thin there. I'm sure a Black is warmer/fuller in the mids.

I'll rave about my 901 if you like, tell you how astounding it is for both big classical and big rock, that you have no idea until you've heard one. But I wouldn't want to influence your decision. ;)