tekton speakers anyone know of these , t amps?

anyone know of tekton speakers and t amps , small footprint, for streaming with squeezebox..thanks
i don't know about streaming with the squeezebox but i have a pair of tekton 6 inchers (fostex 167e drivers) driven by a trends 10.1 t-amp and am very impressed by the results, particularly considering the uber budget price point. it is easy to tell how good this system is with well recorded music, the soundstage is stable, yet very expansive, i mean BIG, way way past the speaker boundaries, imaging seems spot on, the tonality is rich, lush, yet well balanced, the dynamics are very surprising for their size, a very natural presentation, easily showing the difference between excellent, decent, and poor recordings. of course, this combo is bass shy (though not thin sounding in any way) so i ended up with two cheap subwoofers, which really helped to create a fuller, more robust tangible sound field.

btw, i am speaking only of the combo of speaker and amp, as i have heard neither component apart from the other.

i really could not ask for more given the small investment. in fact, i would be surprised if one could do any better for the money out there in audioland, though obviously there are a load of great budget products, tastes vary, room interactions matter, etc.

thanks for the response, i am really interested in the tekton speakers, i will be using at nearfield listening although, sometimes away from them, do know what a sub can do....where did you get your speakers and amp...? i love streaming with internet...www.radioio.com, www.radiotime.com, pandora,com. appreciate info on where you purchased dwhitt
Have used Tektons with a number of t amps including Virtue, Audio research and some $60-variety. They work very well with t-amps. They work well period. Also have used my Tektons with streaming from Duet using lossless compression, radio, Pandora, and Rhapsody. Also have used Tektons with tubes (Rogue and SET) and solid state (Moon). No problem. Other speakers used recently include Ariel, Magnepan, Def Tech, and Zigamahornets (excuse spelling). Have also combined the Tektons with Velodyne sub with nice results. I fine them to be very flexible speakers. I have the 4.1's...in Ferrari Red. The Red makes all the difference IMHO.
I have a pair of the Tekton open baffle speakers, these are the ones with the 4.5" driver on the front face (baffle) and second driver of the same design on the back cabinet facing upwards and I had Tekton add a tweeter to the front baffle based on my conversation with them and their recommendations to maximize performance. I have played these speakers with a variety of amps with the most powerful being the Bryston 2BPro (at 60 RMS) + with SET amps (2A3) and also with a Sonic T amp (just to see what it would sound like).

These are pretty nice speakers for certain types of music! With Jazz, female vocals and small ensembles they are quite rewarding. They do throw a reasonable sound stage, better than I thought they would and have a very open sound to the stage. Overall, the soundstage is quite good, especially when you factor in the price of the speakers.

I find that these speakers do not perform as well with rock or other very large scale recordings and that the bottom end is lacking (as one might expect with both a speaker/drive of this size and the flea powered amps). A sub added to the speakers in these cases adds a lot to the performance.

For the price, I can definately recommend the speakers. For somebody getting into SET on a budget, these speakers would be a pretty good choice. Though for those that are hoping to Rock-out, look elsewhere as these (my version) are not likely to satisfy you.

So, as you can tell, my comments are not glowing but at the same time are positive overall. These speakers will be very satisfying for the right group of people and in those cases are a great bargain. Also, due to their very low price, these would make for a very good set of second speakers to use when listening to certain types of music. I say all this with the notation that I am likely to be selling mine in the near future as I have decided to move away from SET amplification based on my music tastes.