Tekton Double Impacts vs the competition....

So I recently have been on a pursuit of better speakers ...I know its all relative to each individual listener . I am a professional musician and am seeking some powerful depth and clarity for my cavernous living room which will be addressed and treated. 30x11x10 pitched ceiling. 

I am polling the Tekton Double Impact owners they're opinions on living with these seemingly beast like cool speakers....after auditioning Harbeth and various others, I remain in a state of inquisitive, insatiable limbo and am ready to forge into some new sound arena....many of these high end speakers just aren't available to demo . What can handle high volume and still hold the presence and clarity / bottom? 

my tastes : Prince, all 70's jazz fusion such as Billy Cobham, Return to Forever, Lee Ritenour, Led Zeppelin, Kiss , Miles, Coltrane, Steely Dan , Toto, Jellyfish, Plini, David Maxim Micic , overall its melodic rock / jazz that needs to be sometimes cranked to very high levels especially on "bro night" 

Marantz PM-11S1
Sony STR V7
SVS SB1000 Sub

Thank you all ! 
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@mofojo - loving Tekton's ....Im in the process of upgrading my entire system ...overall , very happy with DI SEs ...thanks 
@tommypenngotti  Great to hear! Can you share what upgrades you are making or are planning to make? Thanks.

recent upgrades : 

Lyndorf TDAI 2170 amp 
Allnic H1201 Phonostage 

now Im looking to upgrade my turntable/cartridge...looking at VPI/Acosutsic Signature & Technics 1200G ....AT ART-9 possibly...
@lancelock Does your friend still have demoed DIs for sale in DC? I know it's one year later, but I'm local and looking....
@arhillb,  the DI’s in DC are long gone.