Teac / ESoteric UX-3

Does anyone have any experience with his player?
Would you rather have a Wadia 861 + a cheaper dvs player like Pioneer/Sony/Onkyo top models (and using the Wadia as a DAC), or do you think the UX-3 will perform just as well as two other machines?

good question. i can only confirm that wadia 861b sounds superb. my other thoughts:

-newer transport (neo)
-sacd & dvd-a
-costs less
-one box, one power cord

wadia 861 plus dvd player:
-no need for preamp
-less chance for interference between audio and video signals
-need digital cable
-two boxes, two power cords

check out www.hometheaterhifi.com for dvd player shootouts for video performance. the latest shootout includes esoteric ux-1.
Thanks for your reply, I am having a hard time deciding :o)
I appreciate any help I can get on this matter.

The UX-3 will outperform the 2 device option. As for video, it upscales very nicely to 1080i. When a CD or SACD is played, the complete video section powers down to elimiate noice, vibration, etc. Plus you have the VRDS system which is in a class by itself,