Tara Lab The 2 verses Crystal Micro XLRs

Is there a comparison of Tara Lab The 2 XLRs with Crystal Micro XLR interconnect cables. Or is there someone who tested these two cables?

I am planning to buy Tara Lab The 2 speaker cables and I am wondering should I change my Crystal Interconnect cables to Tara Lab interconnect as well?

Equipment: McIntosh MX121 Processor, Krell S1500 Power AMP and B&W 802D speakers.
If you desire the Tara Lab's The Two, do not hesitate what so ever on getting The two with HFX grounding station, it's called, The extended band width version cable, considering your equipment, this is what you need, when you get 350 hours burn-in on the Tara, please come to the Tara Labs thread and give us your impression's, I sincerely believe you Will be happy, And supprisd with the outcome of satisfaction!, Happy Listening.