Vip Traveler verses Rega p6 - Photo Finish?

Reviews seem to put these two as a toss up... but I'm liking the Traveler just a bit more ... since I don't plan on going over the top (translation: over 2,000$) on a turn table yet, I'm wondering if the vpi is the way to ... 'travel' Suggestions welcome! Thanks ....
the traveler used is a best's a simple TT with ease of setup. Built well with not much to go wrong...I would go the vpi route.
Both are solid tables. And both are common enough that you should be able to audition both.

To that sub-$2000 list, I would add the Well Tempered Simplex. May be a bit more difficult to find one to audition.
There's a lot to like about the VPI traveller from a design perspective - it's drive system provides for very quick startup and the arm also has some very nice design features.

Although, I'm not a big fan of aluminum platters, however VPI has used stainless steel as a damper and the belt being around the outside should also assist.

RE; Rega - I own an extremely modified TT that started life as a Planar II with a glass platter - that specific TT was full of poor design choices.

The Rega glass platter, while good for wow/flutter control has a tendancy to ring and fixing that presents many more problems.

I've since replaced mine with an Acrylic platter - which surpassed all other "solutions" that I have tried over 30 years of ownership.

The Rega arms were ahead of their time back then, but I have since had my RB250 rewired with Cardas one piece upgrade and NOW I'm in the process of replacing it with Audiomods arm (which uses a Rega Arm tube)

Being very old school, I don't think I'm quite ready for the Well Tempered Simplex just yet, but it does look very intruiging and would certainly be a conversation piece. Designed and constructed by what sounds like "fanatics" - it should perform extremely well :-)

If I had my time over again I'd go for the VPI also!

Apologies to any Rega fans out there :-)
I heard both at a store. I'd pick the VPI Traveler. It seemed better built, and sounded better to my ears. The Rega, in fact the Rega sound, always comes across as thin and sometimes bright to me. You might be able to give the pratt nod to the Rega but the VPI overall sounded more complete.
A lot of people note that the factory mat on the Regas are very thin sounding. Getting my RP6 setup this weekend and it will have a leather (suede on both side) mat to start with.
I just had the same choices and picked up a Clearaudio Concept. I prefer the build quality compared to the others- the VPI would have been my second choice.