Talons Peregrine with small SET tube amps

Hello, Can you run Talon speakers (mainly peregrine x) with small SET tube amps? I am thinking about getting a sun audio 3.5 watt amp to run them. Will this work? If not what am I losing by doing this? Any advice will help

Hi we ran the Art Audio 6 watt integrated amp with the Peregrine X last year at the CES show after hours just to see how it would work. We actually compared numerous amps and integrated products just for fun since we had so many components with which to play. The Peregrines in a fairly large room were fine with 6 watts at normal listening levels.
Depending on many factors such as room size, type of music, cables, powercords, etc. since they all effect your perception of the sound - - you might get away with the 3 watt integrated. You might also find yourself unable to ever play at loud levels consistently and may have to play the system a little louder than you would like to get the low level detail.
If your heart is set on a low powered single ended amp I would opt for something with 15 watts or more. Having said that I will tell you when we put the 60 watt Aronov integrated push pull tube amp in the system it stole all of our hearts and we had numerous very expensive and high powered mono blocks in the system.
One of the people who heard that set up purchased an Aronov integrated with his Peregrines and after a year has just switched to a 200 watt integrated because he found that the 60 watts much too limiting especially when listening late at night at low volume. I have sold alot of the Talon products and I will tell you that everyone whom I know who is enraptured with the speakers seems to be running them through either push pull tube amps with 100 watts or more or solid state amps.
I would be very hesitant of a 3.5 watt amp to get the most listening enjoyment from your speakers.
Agree w above. Talons are rated 90.5 sensitivity which, for me, is low for a SET to perform well. Very nice speakers though.
The SUN audio flea power will run out of gas in no time.