TAD 150 sig vs Lector zoe vs Modwright SWL 9.0 SE

Has anyone compared these remote controlled tube preamps with each other or the Herron VTSP 1A/166 ? They all seem to be highly reviewed and cost Between $850-$1400 on audiogon. Thanks... My system at present consists of Magnepan 1.6 speakers with mye stands, threshold 4000 amp, luxman receiver (used as temporary preamp), Sony es 75 CDP, McCormack deluxe dac-1, ultrajitterbug, Silent audio apollo C RCAs, glass toslink and Cogan Hall em digital cable, apex signature speaker wires in a biwire configuration. I also use a powervar line conditioner (except for my amp) and Van den hul hybrid PCs and a K-works empowered cord for my dac.
By your system you sound like you dont mind a little complexity and tinkering around. Picking the Lector (also sounds great stock) would allow you to try fifteen quadrillion different types of either new and/or NOS tubes (has a self-adjusting tube circuit), not to mention a the plethora of other p/c's out there (that should keep you busy for awhile). The ZOE is a steal at $2200.....at $1500!?