Sonic Frontier or Modwright 9.0SE for Aragon Amp

I am looking to get more details on my current system, which consist of Aragon 8008BB, Aurum Pream, and Logan SL3. After some research on what will give me better synergy with my current amp, I have narrowed it down to two amps;

1. Bryston BP25
2. Sonic Frontiers SFL-1 Preamp

I am kinda leaning towards the Sonic Frontiers pream simply because it is also a tube preamp. But lately I have been reading about the Modwright SWL 9.0 Signature...

While there seems to be a good synergy between the Aragon and the SFL-1, I am however uncertain of how the Modwright preamp will mate with my amp, and hence my reason for seeking your opinion.

And no, I have no option for demoing any of the gears; I am in Dar es salaam, Tanzania!

Thanks in advance
I was a Sonic Frontiers dealer and have owned the SFL-1, ( and many other SFI pieces).

While the SFL-1 was indeed a very nice unit, it's not in the same league as the Modwright. The 9.0 Sig was one of my favorite preamps that I have ever owned.

IMHO, the 9.0 Sig will mate very well with your Aragon amp.
Thanks for the input. I guess the Modwright worth more than its weight in gold, because the two are basically at par it terms of cost. What about synergy? The Aragon 8008BB has relative low input impedance, 22k Ohms.

Will appreciate more inputs...
The SFL-1 is indeed tube, but not ALL tube. The signal goes through a Burr Brown analog volume control integrated circuit. It's used only to attenuate, not for gain. But if you're seeking true 'tube' preamps, I'd look elsewhere.

That said, I did own a Line 2 for a few years. It's a good sounding unit. Is a BAT preamp in your price range? That would be my recommendation. All tube, balanced, detail, warmth, low Zout. I also owned one of these; quite an improvement over the Sonic Frontiers.
I agree with Cathode. At least consider a BAT in your price range. I have not tried the SF or Modwright, but have had both a BAT VK5i and VK31 with my Aragon Palladium II monos, and they work very well together. I still own the VK31. The Palladium II is the monobloc version of the 8008.
I have checked the Bat VK31...interesting but a little pricey and I am left wondering whether the Modwright Signature may be a better value at $1600 used, ??
Modwright SWL 9.0 output impedance is 600 ohms. The input impedance of the Aragon at 22K ohms means that it is roughly 35 times the output impedance of the preamp.

These components should be fine in terms of impedance matching.
Csmgolf, Cathode

I am looking at a bat vk-3ix on sale in Agon, but the thing has a Z-out of 1K ohm! is it too high for my amp (22k single ended/44k balanced) ?

From looking at the BAT website, they state a minimum amp input impedance of 10k ohm for that pre. Your amp should work fine. You could always email BAT and verify that as well. They are very good about answering questions concerning their gear.