TacT RCS 2.0 Question???

Does anybody use an SACD player with the TacT RCS 2.0? I guess my question is how good is the A/D to D/A conversion, is there much lost?
I wouldn't even try. Play the CD layer.
There is no digital output for SACD. The digital ouput is only for the CD layer. If you don't play hybrid SACDs, then you won't hear anything. Sony/Philips hasn't released the specifications yet.
I'm with kr4. I'd wait until 1)there is a digital out on SACD players and 2)TacT comes up with the software to handle the processing. What's the point of taking a hi-rez format and converting it back to redbook(or whatever bit/sampling rate the TacT would use)? For what it's worth.