Tact Audio Millenium MKII

I have a pristine Tact Audio Millenium MKII that I am needing to sell but I am having an extremely difficult time determining market value. It has been fully tested and works and I have all original boxes for it.

Any help would be great. Also I have a ton of other gear I am selling as well. More TacT, Meridian, Thiel, Cary Audio, etc
The issue with the Mk2 is its age plus they came out with
the Mk3 version. The other problem is the situation with Tact audio. Right now their is no way to contact the company for assistance as their webstite is now down. I have a Mk3 version used with a Tact 2.2xp with both units modded by Maui Mods. I would not mind having a backup unit for parts if the price was fair. The Mk2 should of sold for $10495.00. Is your unit a update from the original Mk1 to a Mk2 or a factory built Mk2 ?
It is from what I can tell a factory built MKII (It has a label from TacT affixed to it.) I also have a TacT TCS and a TacT RCS 2.0.

Just looking to move all of these pieces at a reasonable price.