Power cord for EVS Millenium mk II

Anyone out there with any suggestions ? I'm using the Zcable PC( entry level ) and was wondering is there is a PC out there that has more synergy going with the EVS mk II. Thanks in advance.
Go to the website.There is some mention of a power cord upgrade through EVS.I just ordered one today(DAC 2)Or call Rick up he is extremely helpful and friendly.I am sure he would point you in the right direction.Good luck. BTW-how do you like your DAC2? What transport are you using?Digital cable? Thanks John
Krelldog, I'm using a Pioneer 525 DVD player modified by Dan W. I'm using a LAT power cord with it. Digital cables are the MillerSound and the Monarchy DIP using it's original pc cable from Monarchy.
Audiogabby, I replaced the DIP's stock cord with a Stealth cord and the improvement was noticeable. I also tried and Absolute cord with the DIP, but it didn't really sound much better than stock. You may want to play with that.

Killerpiglet, what Stealth PC are you talking about ? They have a few different models. Thanks for the advice.
it was a Stealth HAC. Keep in mind I do not have extensive PC experience, this was my first 'gee, PC's do matter' moment, so there are probably better matches out there (which, btw, if anyone knows of please let us know!)

Still, it was a nice improvement, even the wife noticed (so I knew I wasn't totally crazy). For $70, used, it was a good deal.

As an aside, I should add that the Absolute cord was brand new when I tried it, if that matters.

Hope this helps!