System Synergy

Amp recommendation?...
I've got a Jolida JD100 on the front end and Klipsch Cornwalls that I love.
I believe a solid state integrated in the 1500.00 is the way to go, and I'm considering the Blue Circle CS, but also amps by Chinese manufacturers that I cannot hear first hand, like the Qinpu and JungSon... the only other amp I've considered is the Puccini SE.
Any recommendations welcome.
I use Cardas Neutral Reference interconnects, and have always been pretty much a 14 gauge solid copper speaker wire guy.
What kind of sound do you like? You are part of the system...
Rogue Audio "Cronus" tubed Integrated Amplifier could be a good match with your Klipsch. I'd stay away from all but a very few SS units with Klipsch speakers.

The Bluecircle may be a good choice.

I understand that the Klipsch have an immediate sound, so I'm not sure this interconnect qualifies in that area, but I have to recommend the Oritek X-2.
I'm using the Qinpu A-1.0x with a pair of Klipsch KLF-20s with great results. The Qinpu is very tight, clean and focused; it reminds me of the Krell KAV-300i integrated amp with a bit more warmth.
Have you been to the klipsch forum? Lots of klipsch owners on it with a wealth of experience
Yes I have; very much enjoy reading what others are doing with Klipsch systems. I also have a Consonance M100 plus which is a nice match for the Klipsch KLF-20s.