system set up

I am going to be buying a rack shortly and I have some questions. What are the do's and don't for setting up my system. I have a turntable, turntable power supply, integrated amp, Phono stage, squeeze box, CDP, and UPC 200 Power center.
Can the UPC power center sit on my turntable power supply?. Do I have to worry about any of these units being to close to each other? Do the interconnects have to be away from the speaker cables and Power supplies?

Pleased help
Keep your CD player away from your preamp. Do not bind all your cables together.
Biggest problem would be from amp I think.Table power supply should be shielded,and motor of CD shouldn't cause a problem.But don't put anything on UPC200 if possible and when you canm sperate as best possible.See if you get EFI hum then move componets around to try to solve problem.ZOne of the reasons (at least in md fi set integrateds) that sperates sound beter is yes they use two seperate power supplies but also because the boards fro the pre and amp section aren't sandwhiched together the way they are in integrateds and recievers.Expensive integrateds sheild the elements to prevenmt EFI.