system matching

i am shifting my setup from ht to 2 channel listening, and just purchased a plinius sa100 mk3 from agon. my surround pre/pro is an adcom but i plan on upgrading to a dedicated stereo pre. i'm still searching for a cdp, but should i be more concious about matching my cdp to my stereo pre- or does it is it more important for the synergy between the pre amp and amp. btw my speakers are nht 2.9s and my budget is around $1500-$2500 for both cdp and stereo pre. any feedback appreciated.
If you can find a Resolution Audio CD-50 or CD-55 in your price range that would be a good solution(as long as you only have one source) it is a good CD player with analog volume attenuation(thus negating the need for a preamp, allowing you to get a better component over all). Answering your querry, yes there is synergy between all components in a system-including cables. Which also is another reason to get a CDp with volume control-one less cable, allowing you to get a better cable then you could get other wise.
You might consider an Odyssey Tempest preamp at $995 from I've not heard it but it's supposed to be well worth the $. Then you could pick up a Sony DVP s9000es new for about $900. The s9000es plays dvd, sacd, and cd formats but is only 2-channel. It's a very nice all around unit sonically and visually and for $250 you could have it mod'ed by Stan Warren (co-founder of PS Audio) to squeeze perhaps a 25% to 40% sonic improvement.

TAS had a recent review on the e9000es and they really liked the unit.

I've owned the s9000es for over a year now and only recently upgraded to the Sony SCD-1 SACD/cd player. But I have no intention of selling the s9000es either.

And after this upgrade you'll still have some change left over.

There is always a certain synergy that one looks and/or hopes for when matching components but ultimately you never if the marriage is a good one until after you say 'I do'.

That's why used can be a good way to go.
thanks for the responses, i'll do some research and check out the resolution audio cdp and the oddyssey tempest. as far as sacd, i'm not sure if i want to invest in a sacd player yet- where i could put the money toward a better redbook player. one more thing, is the synergy more important between the amp and pre amp, or the cdp and pre? once again thanks for the responses.
I would first look for... speakers in the specified range. For 2ch music you need more revealing speakers than NHT. You can get Vandersteen 2ce used for bellow $1000 or if you sell NHT I would aim for Vandersteen 3 series. If you like more controlled and strong bass you can go for Totem Hawk.
CD player you can get CAL Ikon used for $300 or even less and it will smoke lots of modern CD players in $1500 range.
Another option is AH! that has a volume control, bargain price and sweet sound.
Those Plinius are nice. I remember awhile back someone posted a picture of one with the top cover off over on was gooing-gaaing over them, we were especially impressed with the heatsinks. (kind of like audio porn) I agree better speakers would really help, maybe shovel a little money that way. I've heard the top of the line NHT's and was--bored. I think in an interview NHT designer stated they pay about $15 for the tweeters mass purchased and they'd cost individuals closer to $80, if I remember right. And big cabinet like that are always a nightmare to brace and for the cost accountant. But I would find a nice pair of mini-monitors if you really want the music and don't want to break $2K, or do a kit speaker. I wouldn't worry about the compatability issue between different makes cdp to pre or pre to pwr-usually its not a big deal. Sorry I can't say much on the preamp (other than plug for the one I have up for sale), but you may have change leftover to put towards a pre depending on what you do with the speakers. Just get a nice SS pre unit.