System based on Audio Physic Tempo III

I'm posting this for a buddy who doesn't have net access.

Any suggestions for CD sources, amp's and cables for
a system based based on Audio Physic Tempo III speakers?

Music is mostly chamber music and church organ.

Thank you in advance.

John (for Alan).
Rogue Audio tube gear works great with the Audio Physics. The Tempest Integrated for $2150 or their seperates. For solid state mcCormack would be nice. For the front end the Sony scd 333es is going for $550 at Oade Bros. With mods or an outboard dac (bel cantp, or PT) it is a great deal and Sacd is so great. talk to Jon at he is a great dealer who knows the AP speakers well and has some great matches.
Excellent first response there.If bargain hunting I know that the Acurus DIA 150 which lists for $1600 is going for $600-800 on 'Gon and ebay.Also check out Monarchy Audio Class A stuff.Not cheap cheap but 100 watt Mono's go for less than $2700 list and are superb.Match with a BAT VK3i would be killer.A used Cary 75 or 80 Int would be better than Rogue but cost a bit more.