System Audio Speakers - 1130s & 1150s

Any thoughts on either the System Audio 1130 or 1150 speakers? Thanks all!
I own a pair of Alon II's and System Audio 950's,the predecessor to the 11 series speakers,I can't say enough good about them for the money. Holm Audio sells them reasonably I believe (and they were real courteous to me on an Alon question I had.)I also recommend the Musical Fidelity A3 series gear with them (Arcam works well also.) Tracer
I own a pair of the 1110 monitors and I have had quite a few other monitors in my system. The 1110's work the best in my small room compared to anything else I have tried. It sometimes boggles me that I have components like Wadia and SPM and I am using these inexpensive speakers. Highly recommended however probably hard to find and not well known in the US.