Synergistic Research Quattro multi supply ?'s

I am considering picking up a Quattro power supply to power the activive shielding on my I/C's and speaker cables. Has anyone upgraded to the Quattro from the MPC's and if so did you notice any change in sound? Did it actually make things easier to route or not worth the extra dough? How much do the Quattro's run and now many connections are supplied with the unit? Thanks for any help in advance!
I own the Quarttro. I started with the original box. That was a joke;don't buy one. The cable would fall out of the box and fry the module inside. I sent mine in at least 3 times and got bad advice. They upgraded me to their second gen. box (called X);free. Still the same problem. Fastforward to about a year ago,they allowed me to purchase the Quattro for 300, (I think it retails for 1200). Finally a better mouse trap.This box has bnc's and tight fitting connector pins. I feel the sound isn't quite as good---but, it could be because the box required burn-in.On each ocasion I tried the "with, and without" I could hear no dif.---On the older boxes the with and without were dramatic to say the least.
In the end if I had to start all over I would never bought these cables. I have 10k in SR cables. I feel there is as good, without the hassle. I have only read that their box is better than their mpc's.---I have also read about the older boxes being better than the Quattro---But, Mom said don't believe every thing you read.
One more thing: When I changed power cords on the box from the master coupler to the Ref master cord BIG DIF. as well.
To recap, more money, counting the box and a great cord for it, more complication with the extra wires going to the box--- I guess you can tell I don't work for S.R..
The quattro was introduced in 2004. Synergistic just came out with a new line of cables. So my guess they may come out with a new power center for their cables. You can e-mail them from their website.

I plug my MPC's into a power strip. They sound fine to me. Unless you really want to spend the $$$, it looks like you will need a resolution Ref AC cord to go with it to really get the performance upgrade. I read that elsewhere also. You can find these items used here. The Quattro seldom comes up at $450.

Here is a link on some Retail prices on the unit. The Cable Company can also answer your questions. Give them a call they are honest and will not try to sell you one.

Good Luck!
I've been using the Quattro for about a year now and heard a marked differnce throughout the audio spectrum vs the MPC's. If your into SR cables, you gotta get this, and I guess it is easier to use than the MPCs. I just use an AC master coupler active and still could appreciate the difference.
You can use the MPC in a dual mono cofiguration. One per each cable.
Thank you for all the info! After getting the active sub cable (an absolute must have if you have never heard one... auditioned a few of them along with the "mine is better" cables from some close friends..... simply amazing! MUCH better sub response....sorry, off topic!) Anyway, that was the cable that made me want to organize the active leads, because they can be a pain to make look nice (my set up is very visable from the listening area). I def. do not want to deal with returns and redos on the final rig. Thanks again for the info!!!
You can power up to six pairs of cables from one Quatro- I know because I'm expanding my Synergistic Research cables to include all SR Tesla and just called them to get triple leads from each tap on the back of my Quatro. 4 taps x 3 leads per tap = 12 single cables or six pairs. One thing's certain- Active Shielding on my TESLA Accelerators and now TESLA Precision Reference Speaker Wire makes a HUGE difference. My sound stage is MUCH bigger then my listening room (when it's turned on) and sounds like I have surround speakers (in a two channel system) with ghost like pinpoint imaging. I could not be happier. Oh yea a Quatro is a nice upgrade from MPC's but you do need to go with a power cord better then generic stock if top performance is to be expected. It also helps to clean up your install and makes turning Active Shielding on and off a snap. Again when Active Shielding is on my system sounds unbelievably holographic.
Leica Man: How do you like the New Tesla Precision Reference over the Accelerator speaker cable? Do you think upgrade to Quattro is worth the extra $$$?
The Quatro is worth the cash IF you use a high end power cord. It seems that the Quatro imparts the sonic characteristics of it's power cord to the cables it's powering. Also my system is going 100% Synergistic Research Tesla so it's either get a Quatro or deal with a bunch of MPC's so yes it's worth it.

As to the Precision Reference speaker cables I need to back up a little . I was a long time Designers Reference user who switched to Valhalla looking for more speed and detail. I missed the DR's warmth, bloom and low frequency impact and sound staging but on the whole preferred the Nordost's speed, transparency and detail- very nice. I then auditioned the Tesla Accelerators interconnects and speaker wires more curious then anything and was blown away. I had more detail and speed then I had been getting with the Nordost and got back the warmth, low frequencies and sound staging I had missed in my Designers Reference with even more of the good DR stuff then I remembered. Then when I was getting ready to sell my Nordost I put the Valhalla's back in my system just to make certain and sure enough the Accelerator system sounded better. I then put just the Accelerator interconnects back in the system and actually preferred the Nordost Valhalla speaker wires to my Accelerators. To be fair the Accelerators cost $1200 for an 8ft pair and the Nordost's cost me $6800 for the pair so I decided to step up to Precision Reference. Hold the presses. The sound stage got bigger, the mid range more layered and the highs more transparent and the whole presentation was more natural and musical then anything I have ever heard before- for 2800 bucks! So do I like my Precision Reference speaker wires? HELL YES!!!
Blast. I simply must suck it up and go with an Accelerator audition. I just purchased my speaker wire IC's less that one year ago and it seams that it simply may just be Tesla time. Used cables for sale anyone? :)

Question.. I am currently going with the bi-wire option on my speaker terms and I see the Tesla cables have a non-internal bi-wire option.... any thoughts on going with that vs/ the standard terms using the jumpers or other wire?
They have a different way of bi-wiring the Tesla speaker wires (mine are bi-wired). Check Synergistic’s website as I read a whole page on the pros and cons of different bi-wire options (and why theirs is the best option of course : )
Leica_man, I sure hope you are correct, regarding the soundstage....I will know tomorrow(all apex)with QUATRO