Synergistic Research - NEW Element Cables

Hello guys and gals, has anyone tried the NEW Element speaker cables and interconnects with their universal speaker and interconnect cells.

I'm trying to get demo's now from Synergistic or The Cable Company AND as soon as I do; I will have a review up.

Happy New Year!
I just won a pair of this cables in a contest but to be honest they are the same price as my whole system MSRP 3,600$ . I will be selling them in this forum as soon as i get them. Pls let me know if you are interested. Thanks
For those of you who have heard the Element speaker cables, is there a big difference between Copper and Tungsten?
Just put a pair of brand new 1M XLR CTS for sale for 2.5K if somebody is interested.
I have started using the Master Built (by Delphi Aerospace) cabling and to date it is the best I have used. Easily outperforms the SR gear I had. Master Built is fairly new to the audio world but is extremely musical.

For the record, the "bible never ever stated the world was flat, in fact the opposite". Not sure how the folks in the dark ages came up with that....
I highly recommend that anyone with Tesla line Power Cables to audition the new Element Power cables.

I upgraded to Element Power Cords. The new Element CTS Analogue and Digital power cords and Element Copper/Tungsten Power Cord with 32-amp connecter on the Powercell 10SE Mk.III Power Conditioner. These NEW power cords are completely different than the Tesla line and are much more open and quieter with an increase detail cause blacker background. Complete system upgrade over the Tesla line Power Cables!!!