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Denafrips Aries II and Mac laptop issue
Same issue here annoying, I thought my Mac was dying. So far best Solution is to just leave the DAC on all the time. Thanks will contact you for update firmware 
I like my Peachtree Nova300 more than my new (to me) Pass XA30.5 HELP!
I am very close to pull the trigger on the MZ2 to drive my Aeon 2 C, Sony Z1R and Senn HD58x. Ive never used tubes my system but Ive heard nothing but great reviews on the LTA. Additionally, I think i will use it as a Preamp with my PS audio stell... 
Harbeth P3 vs KEF LS50W
I just sold my Audience the One as my desktop speakers because i found them fatiguing especially with modern pop music-I listen to a wide variety of music, from EDM to classical, I am looking for a relaxing non fatiguing but still detailed and mus... 
DSpeaker Antimode X4 has finally arrived
wow - I have a collection of the anti-modes all over my house LOLdefinitely something to check, thanks for posting 
Any experience with Monoprice Monolith Amplifiers?
Check Audioholics - they spoke highly of this amps 
Did I just ruin my amp
I am a tube newbie too, I am still trying to understand the whole bias thing, please make sure you read your manual carefully on how to install new tubes.  I believe some require bias adjustments while other amps have self bias for same class of t... 
Need recommendation for Amarra sQ Gain Fader
I agree I use my DAC as a pre amp - So far I am playing with the slider usually between -10 to -8 
Tekton Lore ...... compare with Vandy 1C
Ive been wrestling with the same decision. But I am looking to build a HT 5.1 and now Tekton offer a bookshelf that I can use for surround. The vandy bookshelves are expensive, heavy and hard to find in the used market. By the way agree with the c... 
Synergistic Research - NEW Element Cables
Just put a pair of brand new 1M XLR CTS for sale for 2.5K if somebody is interested. 
Synergistic Research - NEW Element Cables
I just won a pair of this cables in a contest but to be honest they are the same price as my whole system MSRP 3,600$ . I will be selling them in this forum as soon as i get them. Pls let me know if you are interested. Thanks