Synergistic Research Luminescence Phase II

How does SR Luminescence Phase II interconnect sound compare to AQ Diamond X3(or Extreme), Tara Labs Decade and SR Reference? Thanks
All I use/recommend is S.R. Only - for the $ they are the best out there ( I've tried quite a few cables )!
I use S.R. Reference X-Series XLR (Balanced)in my Whole System : very Detailed, Open/Transparent, very Analog sounding, and Huge sound stage, real Neutral and Quiet Cable. I'll put this cable ( X-Series - Active Shielding ) against cables Much More Expensive - this Cable blows them away! Go S.R. Reference all the Way, Ive tried the Tara Labs Decade and AQ Diamond X3 - didn't like them ( closed/restricted sounding - Not as much Detail ), S.R. Reference much much Better sounding. Go to :
Good luck and Enjoy!
the only way to compare these cables is in your own rig. Any other rig synergises differently; the reactance charactaristics of your equipment & how they interact with the cabling is different for each & every rig out there, so the sonic signature is never the same for any two systems. The Resolution Reference MKII is a nice cable at my house, but I liked the Designer Reference-X even better.
My Synergistic dealer likes the Looking Glass & Kaleidoscope cables too, but he rants about the Luminesence as being strictly a band-aid cable for problem rigs. I don't know about that, but I do know that the Looking Glass worked a bit better for me than the Kaleidoscope. The Resolution Reference was of course better than Looking Glass in some respects; I do recall noticing improved bass authority with the Res Ref. I'm sure there were some other differences, but anymore I don't recall what they were.
If you'd like to compare the makeup of my rig to your own, just click on my username & scroll down the bio until you see the system components list.
This is the best that I can answer your question.
My equipments are all Sony ES:

Sony CDP-XA7ES connects to TA-E90ES (preamp) by Synergistic Research Luminescence Phase II RCA. Then TA-E90ES connects to TA-N90ES (amp) by Tara Labs Decade XLR.
My speaker is Paradigm Reference Studio 60 with Tara Labs Prime 1000 as speaker cable. I uses Synergistic Research Master AC power cord for my entire system. The sound quality overall is very good already with define bass and extended high but the mid could be a little bit more open. I plan to buy Audioquest Diamond X3 or Diamond Extreme XLR to replace my Luminescence Phase II. Do I get significant better in sound quality? Has anyone done the comparation between the AQ Diamond X3 and AQ Diamond Extreem? Thank you for your information.
I'd experiment a bit with some other AC cords first. If you prefer the Synergistic line, they offer 4 other cords above the Master Coupler level.
I am using a pair of Wasatch 105-U interconnects between my Threshold pre and a TA-N90ES and find the results most satisfying. I was using SR Alpha Sterling and then Cardas Hexlink, but found a quite astounding improvement with the Wasatch. So much so that I have purchased Wasatch interconnects for the balance of my system and have ask them to build me a 105 level phono interconnect. I have to admit that I didn't think cables made that much difference once one spent about $400, or so. But Wasatch changed my mind. You should see if you can audition a pair. I definitely did not believe it until David Lewis proved it to me. Will most likely spring for their speaker cables, as well, at some point.