Synergistic Research B&W Specific cables

Has anyone tried the new Synergistic Research B&W Spec cable line? I would be interested in comparisons with other Synergistic cables as well as others you have compared. I am waiting on delivery of my new 802D's.

Regards to all....Geoff
I looked at the website and decided they seem to be a 'startup'.
The area about the cables did not connect the types of wires to any particular B&W speakers.
The ad in Stereophile got me interested, as I just bought B&W 805s speakers.
The web site did not really give any info I wanted.
It, in fact, made me feel the idea is just another form of hype.
So that is my take on them.
I checked out the pricing for the B&W synergistic research spec 8 which is next to the top of their heirarchy. For an eight foot pair (they are all biwired)with spades the price is 3018.75...this was quoted to me from synergistic via email. I have a pair of 802D's and was curious. I won't buy them.
I priced them to. Min. length is 48". I only need 20. I won't buy them. The Cards Golden Cross are working well on my 802Ds.