Synergistic Research cables for my new system?

First off I really like the reviews about the Synergistic research cables and I asked the people from Synergistic Research and they said to get there Basik Interconnects and speaker cables.
I 'm getting the ALO Panda full range 20 watt bookshelf speakers with miniwatt NS3 3.5 watt tube amp($599). for a source I'm getting a Pro-Ject RPM 1.3 Turntable($499) and parasound zphono phone pre amp($199).
My 3 questions are: given the fact the tube amp and phono stage are entry level would high end power cables do much on basic equipment? What would be a nice tonearm cable for my turntable. I hear great reviews about the Synergistic Research Tricon but given it's a little bit more then the cost of the turntable would it be over kill? Last question I have a PS audio duet with PS audio plus power cord going into a PS audio power port premier and was wondering if the Synergistic Research qls-6 is any better then the duet. I know first hand that cheap equipment can sound great with the right cables but when does it become overkill?
Good choice on the SR cables I have been using them for quite a while and am completely satisfied. Good cables will improve any component. As far as your concern regarding the tone arm cable it is the first link in your system and all benefits from that cable will be passed down stream. I really dont have any experience with either power conditioners so trust your ears. There is no such thing as overkill you have to view your cables not as a way of connecting your your system but as components themself.. Good listening.
I own both the QLS and Duet. The QLS-6 will sound better if your AC is clean and you are looking for the most out of your system. But it does not have any surge protection. If you feel you need surge protection because where you live has a lot of storms or is prone to surges, get a Duet. Also, try a Teslaplex outlet as well to go with the QLS or Duet.
2 more questions on cables. I have a audioquest Nrg3 power cord and other cables that I can use to set up my system for now. I plan on buying the new cables as I get the money. My questions: in what order sound I get the new cables? Should I have the best power cord going into my PS audio duet or into the tube amp? I believe the phono stage and turntable use stock power cords only
Use your best and thickest power cord on the Duet to outlet. Everything will benefit downstream and make sure the PC is at least 12 AWG or lower to give everything plenty of juice. Next I would upgrade source PC's, then pre-amp and amp. Have fun!
My PS Audio power cord going into the duet is 10 AWD so it will do for now. I will get a better power cord to plug in the duet and change out the other power cables from there. I'm guessing when you get the power foundation good all other cables in the system will shine even more. One issue of Hifi plus magazine did a test with top of the line Nordost cables changing out the cheap cables starting at the speaker cables and found little improvement. They then move to the audio cables and still found little improvement. They then put all the cheap cables back on but changed out the power cables. There was a grate improvement. Then went to the audio cables and again great improvement. Finally they went to the speakers and the improvement was off the charts. After this test they found out that the quality of the power coming into the equipment does not only effect the equipment but also effects how all the other cables do there job.