Synergistic amps for Klipsch Cornwall speakers?

My dad owns a vintage pair of Klipsch Cornwall speakers.

Just wondering what amps / integrated amps are known synergistic combos with these speakers.
These are exellent speakers and will pay at realistic volume levels without strain.
Also, they are much more efficient (but less flat) than more modern "box designs". This means amplifier hum and noise is more of a problem than with most modern speakers. Back in the old days, the most popular tube amplifiers were the Dynakits. Dyna st-70's (70 watt tube amps) are perfect for this application. Quicksilver currently makes tube amplifiers which are similar in performance, if you would like a trouble free current production amplifier.
The best thing you can do to make these old speakers sound new is to unplug, clean and reatttach all the non soldered clips and wire junctions from each driver and crossover and tighten all mounting hardware, being carefull not to break anything. I'm not kidding when I say "They don't make them like this anymore". These babies are full of hardware that can come loose over time. They good news is that they are easy to work on. Enjoy!

I use Wright 3.5 2a3 monoblocks and they sound great
My personal favorite, and what I'm using as i write this, McIntosh MC275. The sound is wonderful.
Tubes are going to be the best. If you go with SS, I would recommend Plinius very highly.

And as always, upgrade those crossovers, you will not believe the sonic improvement that can be had just by replacing the original caps, resistors, iron-core inductors, and internal wiring. The best thing you can do for Klipsch speakers.
tube amps are real nice. there are lots of good ones out there, but these are not cheap. talk to brian higdon at petery-hedden co. for a good deal on an integrated jolida amp. I did and I am happy with it. very happy. I like an integrated amp because it eliminates the need for another piece of gear, and another set of interconnects. another electrical outlet, and the cost of it. do a search for petery-hedden using google. give brian a call. they have a store and sell on-line as well.