Sweet DACs in HT prepro

10 years ago I purchased a muse model 2 DAC and was
shocked and relieved by the reduction in grain and edge
provided for digital playback. Ever since then, I have
been reluctant to purchase a HT preprocessor because I
don't ever want to hear edge and grain in my system again.
Not even for movies. Would rather just listen to 2
channel HT, if I can't find HT pre with quality DACs.

I don't care about video switching. I don't care about
remote controls. I don't want to purchase a $5K prepro
to have designer ambience control. I want a basic 5.1
channel processor with high-quality internal DACs which
will give me sweet, decoded sound.

Is this a pipe dream?
If you want one box solution, consider used or demo 5.1 EAD Theatermaster Ovation that can be for under 2K
Great sound, build and look. Be carefull about software version though, older units may give you a loud pops on some DVD players
Ovation plus or Signature even better, but more expensive.
The EAD is indeed a good choice. If you want something less expensive, you can pick up an Acurus ACT-3 for less that $1K, and it's a great sounding prepro (and very simple to use). Running my Resolution Audio CD-55 direct to the power amp is a notch better, but the ACT-3 is pretty darn good for the money.
I strongly second the above EAD recommendation by Nar com. Most musical HT processor I have ever heard and beats many "high-end" 2-channel preamps/processors.
Narcom, Rsuminsby, Emom, thanks for the unanimous voice.
The EAD is very reasonably priced used and it will be at
the top of my audition list.

If you decide to go with EAD, please research it a little.
It's a great pre-pro, one of the best in stereo IMHO, but older units had some annoying problems.
The best unit to get is the one with the latest 5.1 software and black VTF screen. I have blue screen on mine. It looks better, but harder to read and on some units they become noisy( my is quiet though).
Second thing is firmware version. With older units you may have pops and clicks with some DVD players.
You can read all this and more at EAD User group:
http://eadusers.cjb.net/ (go to Bug fixes, tips)
Good Luck
Very helpful, thanks Nar com.