Prepro or receiver with Paradigm Active speakers?

I own Paradigm Active 40 and the Paradigm Active CC and would like other member thoughts as to which equipment they would use with an active speaker setup. The Sony 4ES seems like an option since my 'surround' speakers will not be active but a local hifi chain has put the Yamaha RXV1 on sale but do I really need all those amps with my current speakers?
I have the RXV1 and can say if you don't need all the channels of amplification I'd go with something where your money is going more to the processing. But, if you are getting it for 11 or 12 hundred $ it might be the way to go.

I paid $1200 for a demo. But all I use it for are movies.And I'm not real fussy with the sound of movies. To me it's just a movie. That's not to say it won't do surround music well, I just haven't messed with it for that.

Having said that, I do find that music in movies seems to be a lot of fun, to listen to.
What about a Prepro then a low power Rotel, NAD, Adcom, etc. amp?