Swans m200 or Powered studio monitors?

Looking for decent PC sound.Are the Swans that different from the powered monitors sold by Guitar Center or other Pro Audio retailers? In other words ,do you believe there is much distinction between the Swans and other small powered studio monitors? Thanks to all who respond.
For personal music listening on a computer I'd consider a decent amp and some good bookshelf speakers before any computer speakers or self-powered monitor designed for musicians/studio personnel. A small amp and something like Epos ELS-3 (or, if spending more, perhaps one of the Totem Acoustics bookshelf speakers) is probably going to sound better for music.
Yes, there is a big difference between Swans M200 and typical computer speakers; the Swans sound more like a good $300 minimonitor but with built-in amplifiers.
I went through the same decision earlier. Basically, I was looking at three options for a den/nearfield setup:
1. Swans M200s
2. Bookshelf speakers (Von Schweikert VR 1 or Totem Model 1 Signatures were my main targets) and sub (probably an Onix Rocket UFW-10). I'd also need a decent amp and maybe DAC. For the amp, I was looking at the Rotel RA-02 or Arcam A65 integrated amp. A Jolida JD1501RC hybrid integrated would be nice as well.
3. M-Audio BX8 130 watt bi-amped studio monitors

I went with option three because I'm not ready to sink the dough (even w/used stuff) I would need into option 2 above at this time. If you want to spend the money though, I would go with a monitor setup similar to option two (there are plenty of good speaker/amp choices out there). The Swans can be found for around $185 and will probably need a sub to go with them to match the bass of the other options. They were very tempting but I went with the BX8's on closeout (last year's model) from Musiciansfriend.com for under $300 shipped. They have 8" drivers in them so hopefully I won't need a sub. I'm also messing around and getting back into playing the guitar again (via GarageBand3) so maybe the BX8s will work well for my needs. I haven't had a chance to hook them up yet but am going to try to in the next few weeks. I bought some 28" Sanus stands for the BX8s as well but may just put the monitors on my desk/table w/some Vibrapod cones underneath them. Once I get everything hooked up, I'll report on the sound. Basically, is this the best sound I can get for under $500 or do I need to go all out with bookshelf monitors and an amp for den/nearfield listening?