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I waited 3 weeks or so before writing this. I wanted the “newness” to wear off and write an unbiased opinion. I am a 42yr old, AVID audiofile. Strictly two channel, audio and video. I was an Adcom and Klipsch rep. I am currently using an Adcom GTP-600 preamp and an Audiosourse Amp-200. I go for the best THD% per dollar. Quality far outweighs quantity for me.
Amazing, they are transparent. Transparent is the best compliment a speaker can get. George Jones’ voice never sounded so natural. Offspring’s drummer is even more amazing. Pink Floyd, well, sounded better than they did 25 years ago, through a pair of Klipsch, on my uncle’s couch, after catching a case of the munchies.
They do NOT NEED a sub, but at these prices, why not. I was deciding between these with a sub and a pair of PSB Platinum T6’s, ($2500 pair). I am going to plug the ports and buy a “pair” of subs from SVSound.
The “treble contour switch” only gets used when I am watching a movie with my girlfriend. Great idea.
I have heard $20,000 speakers, so I can’t give them a 10. Build/finish 9/10, Sound-9/10, Price??? 10/10 doesn’t come close to explaining how good these are for the money. Usher Be-718’s are the closest that I have heard and they are $3000/pair. I am NOT saying the Usher’s are better, I’d have to do a side-by-side for that. But, this pair and a pair of great subs for the same price???
Overall: Great sound, Great build/finish, Great customer service and at a price NOONE can come close to.
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Sounds like a great deal. It doesn't appear they have anything made for a large room in their line up. Are they mostly a home theayer based company? Subs are difficult to integrate. I personally would never use one.