Superbowl on High Definition

CBS has recently announced that the February 1st superbowl will be broadcast in High Definition. I am really looking forward to this as the Nokia Sugar Bowl was in High Definition and the picture on my High Definition Dukane projector was, to use an expression that probably is overused....awesome!

First, the picture was in wide-screen so there was another 20+ per cent on either side of the picture for the whole sugar bowl.

Next, the picture was so clear that I swear I could count the teeth of the Center.

Really, amazing.

While I do have satellite, this whole picture/experience came to me compliments of a $35.00 antenna mounted on the side of my house and an 'open box' Zenith receiver I found for about $325.00 at circuit city.

Of course, I am lucky enough to live in one of the markets that has had High Definition broadcasting for a number of years.Man, am I gonna have one SUPER(!) Super Bowl Party!
i just heard that i may be getting local cbs(la area) channels via direct tv in hd. don't know yet if i'm in the area but will be awesome for superbowl. $700 dollar antennae installation could not p/u any signal. have watched several games on espn hd and they are awesome. you should charge admission.

aloha keith
For all of you who cannot receive over-the-air (OTA) broadcasts of CBS hi-def or live in marginal, intermittent areas like me (north of Denver), try DirecTV satellite. After much complaining by myself and many others, DirecTV is supposed to be doing a simulcast of the game. To pick it up you have to have the third LNB on your 18" oval dish and subscribe to DirecTV's hi-def package @ $10.99 per month. Someone told me that if you call them to add the hi-def package to your subscription, that they will send you the third LNB for free if you request it. Even if that is still not in effect, I only paid $50 for the LNB kit. Took about 30 minutes to install it, very simple.

I talked to an executive in the Denver area DirecTV office last week and he assured me that they would be doing the broadcast. There have been a few similar promses in the past that were either late in coming or never materialized, so I am not getting too excited until it actually happens. One reason for a bit of doubt is that there have been no announcements or press releases about it that I have seen. Seems like they would be bragging about it, or at least letting their customers know. At any rate, I'll be tuning in and hoping for the best, because the their regular hi-def broadcasts in 1080i & 720p are absolutely stunning. So were the AFC playoff games on CBS when I was able get them OTA.

To all of you other OTA early-adopting experimenters, good luck in your quest for hi-def bliss.
What I really want to know is if the "Lingerie Bowl" is going to be broadcast in high def.
Hi-Def, or Standard broadcast, the Pats are going to whoop some butt in Houston. Carolina is a great up and coming team, but they don't stand a chance in this year's Superbowl!
If you want to know the status of High Definition in your area, go to

Also, there is more on the Superbown broadcast on
News is getting out; folks I don't even remember meeting are getting real familiar and promising to bring the ultimate Superbowl food over just to see what this picture will look like on my Dukane High Definition projector and digital audio feed as processed through my Audio Aero Mark II DAC.

It is nice to be popular, well....once-a-year anyway.
I was lucky enough to get last years Superbowl in High Def on ABC, and will again this year on CBS. All these years I was waiting for High Def for movies , and Movies are great, but High Def Football Rules !