Sunfire with Martin Logans

I've got a pair of Martin Logan ReQuests and am looking for a new amp to properly power them. Everyone talks about the need for lots of current, the ability to handle loads down to/below 2 ohms and the benefits of tubes in taming a tendency toward briteness. Given all the above, it would seem that the Sunfire "load invariant" amps (basic or signature models) would be ideal matches, yet I don't seem much discussion of them here. At least not paired with Martin Logans. Does anyone out there have any experience with this pairing? Please advise.
Your speaker deserve better.Find a good tube amp to drive these.Rogue make a nice Monoblock.Email them at and ask if they ara good match.
I am presently using a (BAT) Balanced Audio Tech VK500 (450 watts into 4 ohms)Bi-wired that drives the Request with no problem. It is a solid state amp with a tube sound that you can listen to for hours without the solid state headache. You can download info from the website. There are a few on Audiogon for Sale.
I have a pair of statements, I use two sunfire signatures to drive them , the sound is incredible, I had a pair of levinson 336 amps the sunfire s are way better in my set up , I use a levinson 380s 39 and 360s for a front end all going thru ps 300 power plants,I use all transparent ref xl cables, If I didnt hear it for myself I would not of believed it the amps bettered in sonics and power. I also had requests and monoliths with good results. Im going to try vtl 750 or 1250 wotans but then again im at the price per gain,?
I don't own any of the above equipment, but the best sounding system I have ever heard was a pair of ReQuests driven with a Sunfire stereo(not signature)amp and Grand Cinema pre. I am still in awe of the experience.
Don't underestimate the performance of the Sunfire amps because of their price or the "name" on the front. My suggestion is to pick one up on a "deal" and give it a go. If you don't like the combo, you should be able to pretty much break even if you played your cards right in the first place. If you do like it, go for the Signature. I've got one of each in my amp collection and prefer the Signature. Even with low sensitivity speakers, it's pretty hard to push either of them into distortion. The fact that they offer slightly different tonal characteristics within one amp ( voltage vs. current outputs ) only adds to their versatility. Sean >
I have a pair of Martin Logan Sequel II's, which I've replaced the original esl panels with the newer SL3 esl panels. I drive them with an Aragon 4004 mk.II, which handles the Sequel's very demanding without any hint of strain. This is an excellent match for Martin Logans, not only for its superb power, but also for its excellent sonics. The Aragon 4004 mk.II can be found on the used market(they are hard to find) for under $1,000.00. Try it, you won't find a better value.
I've spend a fair amount of time recently auditioning ReQuests and Prodigy. I first heard Requests powered by an Adcom 5802 with Sony's SACD through the Adcom GRP 750 preamp. Male and female vocals were to die for, but there was a noticable disconnect between the woofer and the panel, and the woofer seemed to drag its feet. A disappointment. Subsequently I've heard the ReQuests again driven by a Sunfire (regular) amp through the Sunfire Theater Grand (II, I believe). The source was Toshiba's top DVD player. I also heard the same source through a Krell KAV 500i and it was equally good. While I respect and think I may like Adcom products, their amp did not do well with the bass on the ReQuests. By contrast, both the Sunfire and Krell driving the ReQuest sounded close to the Krell monoblocks driving the Prodigy with a Wadia source. I've decided to move in a different direction than MLogan, so I haven't gone back to hear the ReQuest with a better front end. It seems to me that getting the right amp on the ReQuest is important and goes a long way to sounding like Prodigy. I'd be interested to know what you ultimately settle with.