Sumo Andromida III Hookup Considerations

Just picked up an excellent condition Suma Andromida III to fill in for my Aragon 8008ST which has now been in the shop for almost 3 months.

The Sumo has no common grounding and only uses the positive RCA outputs from the pre amp. It also has XLRs which I wont be using. Since my speakers are Paradigm and they don’t use common ground. I’m not overly concerned but I have questions.

I plan to use a VTL 2.5 preamp (vacuum tube). As far as I know it should work fine using only the positive RCAs out.

The VTL has 2 outputs for each channel. In the past I have run the first ouput to the Aragon and the second to my paradigm X30 sub controller which controls both my Servo 15 subs. With the Sumo I will need to run just the positives off the first output from the VTL and both positive and negative from second output to my paradigm X30 sub controller to control my Servo 15 subs.

To my knowledge this should work fine and essentially no different than my setup worked with the Aragon but I thought I’d ask for input prior to hooking this up.